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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stepping up to the plate!

2005 was a magical year for beloved Chicago White Sox. We took home the ultimate prize...THE WORLD SERIES WIN!!!! As a die-hard fan, I was so proud to see the series banner hanging over "our house"! That same year, the Chicago Tribune published a poem entitled "The Southside has waited". It chronicled the ups, downs, trials and tribulations that go along with being a Sox fan. Every single word in that article resonated....especially the part of how sweet victory tastes, after such a long struggle. I mention this, on a Design blog because for 5 years, I have done everything under the sun, to get cast on HGTV. Gotten close, but haven't managed to get through the door, or, to hear those three magic words" Kathy, your CAST!". The White Sox taught me about preserverence. If they can win a SERIES, I can forge on to HGTV!!!! I have worked harder, smarter and been more focused than ever. I am submitting my best portfolio to date, with heart, drive, tenacity and passion. HGTV, take a chance and CAST ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bedroom "tricks" that don't burst the budget!

Broke??? Has the decorating budget bottomed out? Are your nightstands so out of date and un-sightly, that you can no longer stand it??? Do you even have nightstands??? Fear not! I can help! A great way to give a bedroom a boost is through adding decorative, yet functional nightstands. I have a great, cost effective way to do so! I bought an unfinished wood decorator table. I painted it white and added a new, trendy lamp. For the low cost of $15.00, this space is getting a good spruce up!!!