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Thursday, July 29, 2010

More brilliant than bling bling!

With an "Eye for Design", I have always had a gravitational pull towards all things glitz, glam and sparkly! I love a luxe look, with a splash of a rock n roll edge. But, what is truly spectacular, and shines bolder and brighter than the Hope Diamond is the true LUXURY of having encouraging, supportive, helpful friends. The wonderful people in my life have given me the aid and determination to go after my dreams, and have been there to support me, every step of the way. For this, I am eternally grateful! Their faith in me, fuels my fire, detonates my determination and totally chokes me up with gratitude! To Karen, Dana, Jenny, Shera & Christina, you ladies, by far outshine even the best bling! I get by with a lot of help from my friends, and I am so THANKFUL! The spotlight shines bright on you my friends!!!!

A simple stage and a fun photo shoot!

Staging is one of my favorite aspects of design! I love taking an ordinary object and transforming it into something fabulous or unexpected! I also really enjoy the process of tricking the eye! Today, my business partner and I had a photo shoot to promote our various businesses. Instead of the stiff, proper pc shoot, we let creativity and imagination rule! I fully believe you can be a smart, focused business woman, yet indulge in the ridiculous and have a sense of humor about it! As our pictures will show, when you throw caution to the wind, unexpected magic can occur! I can't wait to get the pictures and post them! BIG PROPS and THANKS to Curtis Davis for photography and to Christina Mc Million of Numero Treize, for wardrobe and use of everyone's favorite supermodelquin, SOLANGE! Staging of this shoot was done by yours truly!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rock the Stage (ing)

Spend 5 minutes with me and you will quickly realize that I am a "Designer Kat" with a rock n roll edge. After all these years, I still have a crush on Jon Bon Jovi and I do a happy dance, every time all bands Scott Weiland roll into town. Today, I landed a STAGING job that is sooo up my alley!!!! I am going to be doing the set design for a ROCK inspired photo shoot. Additionally, I get to unleash my inner rock star, and model in the shoot as well! (I know better than to sing -I am not even remotely joking when I say that I dying cow has better vocal chops!) I am so excited about this opportunity - to merge my love of design, with my love of all things rock, is pure professional BLISS!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now Serving....DESIGN STAR DISH!!!!

Let's get started with the good.....NO NINA !!!!!!! The good brought upon by Nina being gone, quickly left this week's episode. The designers were given the task of designing luxury rental units for TRUMP. Now, when one thinks of Trump, images of money, real estate, wealth (and bad hair!!) come to my mind. Nowhere in this mental image, does cheap and tacky enter into the stream of consciousness. This challenge was once again a group challenge (insert groans here) and again, this cast of "designers" failed to deliver. In a luxury apartment, Tom created a bathroom that looked like a blueberry muffin! He said he thought it was "spa like". How does a blueberry muffin transport you to a spa???? The faucet and bath cabinet, would have brought on indigestion before the muffin was even devoured! Stacey designed a bed with no mattress, which failed miserably and her and Cortland's drop cloth curtains were disaterous!!!! The designers truly lack understanding of size, scope and scale of a room. The finished product is unpolished, and ill fitting. The team of Alex, Emily, Casey and Tom was less awful, but that isn't saying much.
Vern got angry at the designers and told them they wern't living up to their potential. Wait....they have potential???? Really??? As viewers, we have yet to see this. Each week I watch, I truly wonder HOW this season's participants got cast!!!! The lack of design understanding, the lack of creativity and the further lack of personality is almost too much to bear! Don't even get me started on how little this cast even understands about branding! (Kind of important when TRUMP is the client!!!!) In the end, it was a double elimination. Tom and Stacey both deserved and were given the boot! To sum it all up...PAINFULLY BAD DESIGN!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Little house of HORRORS!!!!

Today, I went to an "Estate Sale" in an affluent suburb of Chicago. My "Eye" was focused upon finding one of a kind treasures, maybe some antiques, interesting art, or some great furniture, in need of some TLC to restore it's natural lustre. Call me crazy, but, when I hear the word "estate", I tend to assume that connotates a certain degree of value. Silly, silly me! This so called "estate" sale, was more like a little house of horrors! First and foremost, I fail to comprehend how an auction company could have held any form of a sale at this home, without introducing it to a little friend of mine called CLOROX!!! The home was filthy and in dire need of repair. I am not talking about just an update or a cosmetic fix, but a true repair job. Tile was comming up left and right, which could have caused a dangerous condition, not to mention liability. The carpet was old and infested -I am too scared to speculate as to what it was infested with. They were selling used undergarments and I kid you not, someone's old toupees!!!!!! This sale was so bad, I truly lack the words to adequately describe the horrors!!!! The sad thing is that the house itself, has good bones. A major scrub down is MANDATORY, FIRST PRIORITY, but with an "Eye for Design" and a good contractor, it could really go from horrific and drab to clean, updated and spectacularly fab. Needless to say, I will NOT be shopping there for myself or my clients! I cannot believe the auction house could hold an "estate" sale there in good conscience! Final thoughts are still an overwhemling sense of "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW". The song from "Little Shop of Horrors" is also playing in my head on repeat!!!

Kat and Christina's Inadvertant Adventure!

Eye for Design and Numero Treize Vintage have joined forces to produce the first, of what we hope to be many, networking events for fun, fabulous female business owners like ourselves. To properly prepare for our upcomming STOP, SHOP & SWAP launch party, Christina and I headed out on a research and fact finding mission.
We set out to do our due dilligence - checking out vendors, products, details and locations - we were armed with a plan, Christina's keen sense of direction and attention to exquisite vintage detail, and, my 'Eye for Design", signature style, no sense of direction, but witty, wise comic relief! As we went about our day, the sun was shining, the directions were in hand, and we were amped up with optimism, diet coke and my requisite snack chips. Shortly after we set out, a terrential downpour occurred and all the bad truck drivers of the world, were traveling alongside us. We were NOT detered! Christina kept her cool behind the wheel, and I kept my "Eye" on the printed directions. The downpour stopped, the trucks moved on and we were almost at our destination...or so we thought!!!! Little did we know, the directions we received were so bad, a directional Mac Gyver, a navigational expert, the best GPS system in the world or even a map writer couldn't even folow them!!!! Roads were unmarked, roads broke off, then picked up where you would least imagine, people along the way told us one thing, traffic dictated another! After much driving, back roads, alternate routes and TIME, we did eventually reach all of our intended destinations!! (We promptly looked to the sky and gave praise - I even did a little happy dance -LOL!!!) After all that, we did manage to find some products we liked for our event, but,the journey (12 hour TREK) was so far, so backwards and such an unpredictable adventure, we never would have believed it, had we not experienced it. The drive home should have been an hour! We stopped for pizza and some tasty breadsticks, and confirmed with the restaurant staff, the best approach to getting home. The printed directions failed us once - we were NOT about to subject ourselves to that again!!! We were ready!! (again, or so we thought!!!) The server told us a quicker way to get back to the expressway and head home. He seemed knowledgeable (his recommendation about the cheesy garlic breadsticks was spot on) and we were eager to stick to main highways, after all the small town backroads leading us nowhere!!! We followed his directions to a "t". The letter "T" also let down the alphabet gang & proceeded to fail us!!! We wound up even further out of the way than we already were!!!! After our earlier tour of the area, we did manage to find a road we recognized to get back in route to the highway. We were so happy when we saw signs for Chicago, jubliation broke out in Christina's car! Thankfully, Christina and I are both easily amused and proceeded to crack 2.5 hours worth of jokes to make this vastly long day, and 12 hour TREK a funny experience. Remove Bill and Ted, and replace with Kat & Christina (except we are far smarter, have better style and are only addicted to Diet Coke)
As an added bonus, we saved big money at Menards, when we stopped to ask for directions! We also are well versed on where to find all the best Sod sales. If you are doing any landscaping, let me know!!! LOL!!!! To Christina: AFM rolls on!!!!!! OMG!!!!! It still makes me laugh!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

DESIGN STAR DISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's episode of Design Star enacted a challenge that was to credit and praise the New York Fire Department. The existing teams were redistribted into red and blue teams. To be honest, color was irrelevant, since both teams had such bad designs!!!! Neither designed a comfortable, relaxing "Thank you" space!!!! Vern was back to his heavy persona, which as we have already discussed, does NOT suit him. Candice, the reason why I watch this show, was once again under utilized and barely heard from. I swear, the nail art on my toe is far more interesting and inspiring. (I also understand scope and scale of a room, a key design concept, which is LOST on this cast!!!!!) But, the painful designs of this bad, bad season, did have a silver lining!!!!! THEY SENT NINA HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( insert cheers and LOTS of them HERE)
HGTV, I love you dearly, I LONG to work for you, but please, take into account your viewers and fans!!! This season has really been almost unwatchable. Please tweak the casting process for next season! This cast fell far short!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tune in Tuesday!!!!

Good Evening! Welcome to "Tune in Tuesday". This will be a new feature of both my blog and my Facebook business page! Today was such a good day! Eye for Design and Numero Treize Vintage had the opportunity to attend the Dynamic Professional Womens Network luncheon. What a wonderful group of women!!!! It was inspiring to be in the company of such accomplished, distinquished women!!!!! So grateful to this group, for allowing me to participate and to showcase my business. Later in the day, Eye for Design, and Numero Treize, once again teamed up with FREEDOM CHIC PRODUCTIONS for another FABULOUS ad campaign! We are currently working on a spectacular campaign that we will be unveiling in the very near future!!!! Thus, stay tuned to this "Kat" channel. Also to keep up with all the latest and greatest, "Like" us on FACEBOOK! I will LOVE you for it! So, make sure you sign up, stay informed and remember to tune in!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Networking & Creative Collaborations

Tomorrow, I, Designer Kat, along with Christina Mc Million, of Numero Treize, will be attending the Dynamic Women's Networking Lunch. We look forward to getting to know other female business owners, talking shop, making new connections and meeting new friends. Isn't it nice, to see smart, creative, fabulous women joining forces for the greater good!!! Photo courtesy of Freedom Chic Productions.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serving up a "Design Star" Dish!

Ok, where do I begin....hmmmm. Let's just jump right on in! Today's episode - AWFUL! My love for HGTV runs DEEP, but, there just is noo sugarcoating that one!!!
Once again, the designers were put into a "group challenge". As I have said previously (numerous times) this takes away from sizing up the strengths and talents of the individual designers. They also keep decorating studio apartments! REPETITIVE!!! And the inspired by flowers challenge????? Mmmmm, not feeling that!
Once again, Nina painted her wall a fuschia shade and made swiggles on the wall. The Girls plus Dan team, put together a room that was too busy, unprofessional and not harmonious. The guys team had a better design concept, plan and execution, but truthfully, it did not grab me. So, to size it all up - uninspiring design and a truly BORING cast! Dan, Alex, Cort and Nina all wound up in the bottom 4. HGTV, do your fans, the VIEWERS, a favor and just send Nina HOME ALREADY!!! The viewers have spoken loud and clear, via facebook. They HATE her and NOT in a "love to hate" kinda way! In the end, Dan was sent home. Truthfully, the entire cast should be let go and the season should get a "do-over" Again, I am available! LOL

Giving back!

I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I have received about my business. People have signed up, they have stepped up and cheered me on, every step of the way. It means the world to me. I am truly THANKFUL! With that being said, I believe that good fortune comes with a great responsibility...TO GIVE BACK!
DESIGNER KAT's EYE for DESIGN is a proud donor to HABITAT for HUMANITY and to Q101 "Through the Pain" benefitting Matthew Leone of Maidera Lake. Some of my favorite people and dearest friends are musicians and when I heard about what happened to Matthew, it made me sick! I HAD to help and I am happy that I was in a position to do so. To find out more about this most worthy cause, check out the "Through the Pain" link at

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eye for Design proudly presents......

Eye for Design has joined forces with Numero Treize to present "STOP. SHOP and SWAP". What is this, you ask??????? STAY TUNED to this BLOG Channel - DETAILS COMMING SOON!!!!!!! Photo courtesy of Freedom Chic Productions -

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And the music played.....

Music has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. I hear a song, I see a room. From the moment I first saw Jon Bon Jovi flash his million dollar smile, I was hooked! Music is a universal language. It heals, it haunts, it inspires, it can motivate and cause reflection. I love that this one particular art form can inspire so many passions, creations and artistic endeavors. But alas, this blog is not about what inspires me, but to give props, and to showcase my little brother, JOHN SORCE.
I have always been a rock chick, yet he has become a ROCK ARTIST!!!, HOW AMAZING ARE THESE PICS!!!!(though, I am saying ON THE RECORD, that I am still waiting for him to paint me a Scott Weiland picture!!!!! LOL!!!) To find out more about John and his art, check him out on FACEBOOK!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

From cardboard to CUSTOM!

On a trip to Target, I stumbled across a deal I could not pass up! A bookcase for $10! Granted, it was basic, and, boxed furniture is not known for being unique or pretty, had good bones! With the addition of a little stain, some trim moulding and the addition of under cabinet LED lights, my bookcase went from carton to CUSTOM! To be able to take an everyday item and add my own touches, is one of my favorite aspects of design. I am also quite pleased with myself for some savvy shopping!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bling Bling & the hat thing.....

I have an upcomming photo shoot that I am frantically trying to get in shape for. My first and foremost focus is my business, so taking time away from that, really tears me up! I believe in this business and I am 100% committed to making it viable and successful for the long term. But, with that being said, I am still a total girlie, girl, who wants to look decent and shapely, for the photo shoot. On a group power walk this morning, one of the women in my group remarked that she needed a hat, to shield her face from sun exposure. In that moment, the light bulb went on for me! I came home from my walk and blinged out my very own hat. Sun protection, self promotion and shapeup! What a good day!!!!!