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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Crown isn't just for royalty!

There is something to be said about a crown! Whether you are a little kid, or even an adult, there is something so fun and enjoyable that comes from putting on a crown and adopting an air of royalty (even if it's only for a fleeting second LOL!) So, why should our home's be any different! Adding crown molding adds such a lasting impact to a room and increases the home's overall re-sale value. Even if you have no plans to ever sell your home, this is one design detail that adds such intrinsic and lasting value. Not to mention the fact that it is a pretty easy project to take on! Long live the CROWN (molding!!!!)

A decorative treatie for your Valentine's sweetie

Whether you are cellebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other, special someone, or, having an anti-Valentine's party, this decorative, red and white candy arrangement is sure to be a hit and a sweet treat for any cellebration!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transforming the BLIND side!

Familiar with inexpensive roller shades? They are simple, yet cost effective and do their job, right? But, what if they could not only do their job, but look pretty too! Functional and aesteically pleasing, is always a win-win, as far as I am concerned. To create this look, all you need is wallpaper and a roller shade! Wallpapers are available in every color, texture, print etc. making the windows of possibilities, endless! Wallpaper pictured is by Gracie Studio (

Monday, January 23, 2012


How cool is this! Taking "grafitti" and turning into a showstopping bedroom focal point! This look would be so easy to re-create! An oversize canvas, some black paint (or any other color of your choosing) a few wild brushstrokes and VOILA! Oversize art, can also serve dual purposes. In this room, the furniture is all low to the ground, the art, being oversize, keeps it grounded, while adding impact and visual interest.


If you have ever ventured into a Walmart, Target or superstore chain, you will often find, standard, inexpensive mdf furniture. What I like about this, is the ability to change and transform it, without having to spend a lot of money! In the photograph, the bookcase was painted Carriage Green (Farrow & Ball paint). By putting white dishes in the case, the stark white Martha Stewart china looks almost sculptural! A great new look that is fun and serves as a fabulous focal point!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wallpaper has come such a long way baby! The border, panels and items on the floor of this photograph are wallpaper and decals! How cool is that! These panels create the illusion of a drawing room of yesteryear. The panels can also be specified to your own particular color scheme. Wallpaper and Decals created by Deborah Bowness of

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OY VEY! I am writing a blogpost on CROCHET!

Crochet never enters my design brain. My limited exposure and experience with crochet, had always been unpleasant. (I got a crocheted blanket as a kid, that was so scratchy, I compared it to steel wool!) Any way, I being easily inspired and open minded, I gave crochet another glance. Taking the charm of yester year and updating it in a modern way, gave me a whole new appreciation for it. I still won't be reaching for a crocheted blanket anytime soon, but I have to admit, I like the look of today's crochet (particularly the nook chair by Henry Sgourakis) Photo from House and Home Magazine, August 2011.

Oh baby - Have you met the inspired Mr. Moore?

I admit it. I am a huge Benjamin Moore paint snob! I use to base my paint analysis primarily upon color and price, until a client steered me to Benjamin Moore's Aura paint series. Let me tell you! Mr. Moore knows what he is doing! The coverage is phenomenal, the finish is fabulous and the color choices are simply sensational. (I told you I was a fan! LOL!) What some of you may not know is that Benjamin Moore put together a look book of baby room's showcasing their awesome awesome paints. In this baby's room, created by artist and designer Shannon Kaye, the paint colors become the focal point of the room. It's warm, it's whimsical and wonderful in true Benjamin Moore tradition.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trend Report - Style is what we found the SECOND time around!

Ok, all you crafters, thrifters and design enthusiasts. Secondhand stores and estate sales are a great resource for adding some serious style to your home and allowing you to achieve great bang for your buck! Chairs such as the ones pictured can be found for next to nothing at a good 2nd hand store. With a coat of Farrow & Ball's Stone Blue 86 paint, these chairs, get another chance at life! Add a great printed tablecloth, in corresponding colors, sumptious silk (or even faux silk) drapes, a double dose of charm, with twin chandeliers and a weathered dresser, used as a sideboard, complete this look. (Hint Hint: I saw this very same dresser at Marshalls for $120!) Another tip to be on the lookout for is thie floor in the room pictured is not tile! Nope, I kid you NOT! It's paint! (Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light 235) Sometimes design is more seriously stunning the "second time around"

TREND REPORT - Rich, Regal Robust RED

Leave it to Home & Garden (in association with Farrow and Ball) to create a monochromatic room that is really regal! The richness of the red does not overpower the space, thanks to a neutral carpet, glass tables and a simple fabric pattern for the sofa. The space also gets a ton of natural light from the window, which helps as well. But, I think this picture is a great example on red on red, done right!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Trend Report - Tasteful & Timeless

There is something to be said about a classic! A classic movie, a classic outfit, even classic design. We take comfort in the simple, understated elegance, we adhere to the quiet, calming voice, that holds it's own and doesn't compete for attention. Tasteful and timeless, can stand on her own, with her held held high, she welcomes us in, and inspires a sense of familiarity. These Jane Churchill fabrics and papers, make me want to curl up on the oversize couch and chair, grab an afgan and a good book and just enjoy a leisurely day! The neutral backdrop of the wallcoverings and furniture, make this a great staging canvas as well. If this home was on the market, the tasteful, timelessness would be a huge selling point!


WOW! Was what came to mind when I saw this ad for Lorts Furniture! I personally never would have chosen lipstick pink, but the finished result is so eye catching, and totally makes a statement! It just proves that you can take a classis piece, such as a wing chair or a bookcase, and, with a little ingenuity, creativity and elbow grease, you can create something that is visually stunning, endlessly interested, and depending on how you customize it, one of a kind! The lipstick pink color adds a fresh, modern flair and the pops of color from the bookcase, add an unexpected sense of whimsy. I think I may just have to try this!!!!! The pieces in this photograph can be found at Lorts (

Sunday, January 15, 2012

TREND REPORT - The Business of Baths

To remodel a bathroom can be laborious, time consuming and expensive. If you have a bath that is tired and could use a boost, there are many things you can do, to give your space new life. For instance, PAINT is an inexpensive fix, that can provide dramatic results. Updating fixtures and bath accessories is another option. BUT...if the bath is just an eye sore and you are eager to start from scratch, a big trend I am seeing right now is modern fixtures, bold colors and dramatic fabrics. Now, with that being said, you have to be careful and not overwhelm the space! I tend to like a "pop" of color or fabric, especially in a small space. The picture I am using to demonstrate this point, has a modern sink and just enough "POP" to add color, vibrancy and interest. Photo from Crate & Barrel. Contact Crate & Barrel for information on the products featured.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trend Report - SUNSHINE DAYS!

Whenever I hear "Sunshine Day", I always flashback to the Brady Bunch. I can still hear those Brady kids singing "Sunshine Day"! Apparently, the Brady kids were ahead of the curve because a big trend in design right now is Sunshine Yellow. In various design books, magazines and shows, cheery yellows, reminiscent of warm, sunshiney days, are all the rage in design right now! Yellow is a color that is supposed to embody and evoke warmth, cheer and glow! Don't be surprised to see splashes of sunshine, popping up everywhere! This photo illustrates that point. Crate and Barrel is definately on point! (Items in the photograph can all be found at Crate and Barrel)

Laundry gets LUXE!

Leave it to HGTV to kick off the New Year, in an inspiring, invigorating new way! They just launched HGTV Magazine, which is FABULOUS. I am now itching to design a laundry room. This photograph, from the Feb/ March 2012 issue, is AWESOME and has my design brain working overtime! Love love love the room ( I, personally loathe doing laundry, but with a room like this, It could probably manage to get a laundry procrastinator like me, WILDLY MOTIVATED)Photo by Jim Bastardo, Styling by Alexis Givens for HGTV Magazine.

Monday, January 2, 2012

BLINGING in the New Year

This room has a serious sense of style! We have a Tiffany's inspired blue paint, a fun, fresh, springy wallpaper, and show stopping Old Hollywood inspired furniture! Although this is still a work in progress, I am thrilled with the way this room is taking shape! OUT with the old.....BLINGING in the New!!!!!