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Friday, August 20, 2010

Me, A FEATURED DESIGNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that I am a finalist in a contest sponsored by Design Sherpa. They have me in their FEATURED DESIGNER showcase! This is such an awe-inspiring honor! To do what I love, and, to be recognized for it, is a dream come true! If I didn't bruise so easily, I would pinch myself!!!! LOL
Check out the link below:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Staging Steve's

My client Steve, is selling a gorgeous condo with truly amazing views of Chicago! To get this gorgeous property ready for sale, we did some simple staging. The views and amenities of this condo are so fabulous, I wanted to keep the staging to a bare minimum. The views alone will sell this space! I will be posting before and after shots, but in the interim, here's a little sample! Photo's courtesy of FREEDOM CHIC PRODUCTIONS!!!!

Deconstruct to RE-CONSTRUCT!!!

As a designer, I always look to see if furniture has "good bones". One of my favorite tasks is to be able to bring something old and out-dated, back to life. I came across these chairs and I really liked the style of them. But, they were rusted, dirty and in DIRE need of a make-over! After much scrubbing and the loss of my manicure, these chairs came back to life. I recovered the seats and, stylish new chairs! This entire project cost $5.00!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Disasterous "Dish"!!!!

On numerous occasions, I have expressed my discontent with the direction of this season's "DESIGN STAR". It truly pains me to say anything less than complimentary about HGTV, because I LOVE the network. However, this season was one DISASTEROUS dish!
If you recall, after the premiere episode, I predicted that Emily would make the final two. (Whoever gets major camera time in the first episode of a Mark Burnett show, goes the distance) Anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty! FINALLY, in the second to last episode, the designers got to do individual challenges. HGTV brought back the Glass House challenge and had the designers base their designs around their style and show concept. It took an entire season, I repeat, an entire SEASON, to see an individual challenge!!! Michael created a custom Murphy bed. I give him props for undertaking such an ambitious project! That was impressive. Casey spray painted old frames and made that a feature wall. BOOOOORRRRRRRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily had the best representation of her own personal style, but, she is so bland to watch!!!!!!!!
Design wise, with so little "wow" or ingenunity, it makes dishing difficult! We are down to the final two of this season - Emily and Michael. My money is on Emily to win it. I hope and pray to the design "gods" and HGTV, that this show is tweaked for next season. This was NOT a good season!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


What's all the buzz? What is causing that endless stream of paparazzi? How about "It Girl" and Super-modelquin Solange!!!! Yes, the rumors are true!!!! Solange (yes, yes, THE Solange) will be attending Eye for Design and Numero's Treize's Sidewalk Sale and Trunk Show! I know...I know...exciting stuff!!!!! So, all you design enthusiasts and fashionsita's amrk your calendar's...this sale is sure to ROCK!!!!!
See the flyer for all the key details!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fresh from the DESIGN STAR DISH!

Having watched the last few episodes of The Next Food Network Star, I thought it was interesting that Aron Sanchez of the Food Network appeared on this weeks Design Star.
Aron cooked a luschious meal for the final four - Casey, Cort, Michael and Emily. The challenge put to the designers was to repurpose a dining room, based on Aron's cooking. Now, as I designer and stager, I love ingenious re-purposing! Inspire me, provoke me, make me take note! I have said it before and I will say it again, this cast BORES me to tears and fails to inspire me. On Food Network Star, the cast is consistently engaging! I want to tune in and WATCH them! Design Star falls so flat this season, a scaffold couldn't add height! The positive - Emily found a point of view this week and made her presence known in the room, but it was underwhelming. Her host video was painfully akward. As we know, Emily gets mega camera time, thus, she will be one of the last two standing - mark my words! Cort did another venetian plaster wall, next to an existing exposed brick wall. Call me old fashioned, but exposed brick is a highly desired design element! Michael's hosting was needy and too flirtacious, in a BAD way! This episode also returned to the team format(augh!!!!) Casey and Cort v. Michael and Emily- I can't say for sure who had the better room - I failed to relate or connect to either of them. This season and cast of Design Star fails to "Wow" or inspire me. I find myself more drawn to and invested in Food Network Star and Lord knows, I don't cook! LOL!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I had the opportunity to work with some amazing charities this summer. I really believe in the importance of giving back! As a result of my work with these charities, I had the opportunity to create custom gift baskets. Since this involves treasure hunting, creativity and endless amounts of ingenuity, it was right up my alley! I loved the process and the outcome! However, I enjoyed it so much, I wound up with extra baskets! If you are in the market for a unique, special, one of a kind gift, let me know! I have a variety of baskets for each and every taste to tantilize those tatsebuds!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Eye" of the Designer vs. Eye of the Photographer

As a designer, I like to walk into a room and see if the space has good "bones". After that initial scan, my brain then starts decorating the room. The wall colors come to mind, as do furnishings and fun accessories. This dialogue has raced through my mind, each and every time I enter a new space. Have done a great deal of staging work and photo shoots as of late, it is so interesting to hear the photographers point of view. Both the designer and the photographer want to put the subject in the best light. The designer sees the subject (the room) from the design and astetic perspective, wheras the photographer looks at the subject in terms of lighting and as to how it will be captured as a finished print. When you can combine such different, yet equally important perspectives and point of view, magic can occur! Staging photos taken by yours truly, Photo of Designer Kat appears courtesy of Curtis Davis Photography

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ladies who LAUNCH!

Tomorrow night, Eye for Design and Numero Treize Vintage will hold the launch party premiere for "STOP, SHOP and SWAP". We wanted to plan a night for other female business owners to come together, collaborate, support each other, network and have some cocktails! Who ever said networking can't be fun!!!!! I personally love creative collaborations! To put a bunch of smart, successful women who have goals, dreams, great products and passions,together is definately a recipe for success in my book!!!
We hope to turn this into a regular event and grow it into a formidable force of women to be reckoned with!!!!! Photo courtesy of Curtis Davis Photography

Sunday, August 1, 2010


In every Mark Burnett production, there is a recurring theme. Whoever gets heavy camera time in the first episode, lasts the duration of the season! This little theory of mine was once again proven true tonight! Let's dive in and DISH!
The theme of tonight's group challenge (AGAIN! sigh!) was a Kenmore photo shoot. To successfully stage a photo shoot, you want to intrigue your audience, draw the viewer in, and inspire them to take a closer look. You don't want to confuse your audience, or their all important EYE! This week's red team was made up of Emily and Cort, who chose an Italian themed kitchen. Now, let it be known that by trade, Emily is a photo shoot stager. You would think this would give her an insiders edge. Her layout for this shoot was chaotic and confusing. The props and pieces she used in her staging don't relate, connect or speak to what she was trying to achieve. Vern and Gen both pointed out this fact as well. Thankfully, Vern did so, without retreating to his "heavy" persona, which we already acknowledged, doesn't work for him. Candice was absent from this episode and John Giddings stepped in to fill her stylish shoes. Not possible!!!!! The blue team of Alex, Casey and Mike, had a better room, but again I question some of their design choices. Casey was the "winning" designer for encorporating her crusty french bread, into her designs. The basket she had to choose from was upscale French, not French country. But, out of two designs that failed to "wow" or inspire me, I would have to begrudgingly say, the blue team had the better room. Alex and Emily were put on the elimination block. Alex, by far, had the better hosting video. He even remembered to address the Kenmore appliances, which the shoot was based upon! Emily's video was akward and unwatchable, but based on my Mark Burnett theory, I knew that Alex was going home! The judges proved me right and eliminated Alex.