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Saturday, August 15, 2009

From the tip jar.....

Attention all moms, renters and college students!!!!! Looking to spice up your space, without the mess, time commitment or risking the landlord's wrath?????? Check out this site:
roommates peel &

They have removeable wall decals and stickers to take your space from dull and drab, to out of this world FAB!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rock-Inspired HGTV Love Song

I will never be a rocker or have a hit song...
However, my design eye can mask the awkward & oblong.
Design is my destiny, my talent, what I am meant to do...
HGTV, I just need a little help from you!

Paint, color, drapes & lights...
I am too inspired to sleep most nights!
I love music, design and fashion
Oh HGTV, can't you see my undying passion!!!

My heart aches for you to end the strife....
And to give my design dreams, a whole new life!

I have talent, integrity and a knack for being tenaciaous...
HIRE ME and I will always be GRACIOUS!

Oh HGTV, can't you see??????

HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the September issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine, they showed a fantastic way to re-configure your space! It was such a great idea, I had to share it. This cute home office was once an un-used closet! How divine is that! (although, in my house, there is nooo such thing as un-used closet space!) But, for those of you, in need of a work space, that can spare the closet, here is a picture.


I am truly thankful to have such incredible, amazing, generous, supportive friends in my life. I so so grateful to all of my friends for their encouragement and support of me. I am such a lucky girl . The love, help, belief, support and guidance has meant the world to me. I love you guys and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!


To: Amy Labuda-Velten - Amy is an in-demand LA graphic designer who created my logo. For anyone who has graphic design needs, Amy is the go-to girl!!!!

To: Tony Porfirio - Tony graciously lent his amazing vocals to my reel and provided me with my theme song. Check out Tony's awesome bands - Blackmaker, Simple Simon and Red Pop Fury!!!

To: Elizabeth Nuesser - Beth is the gifted stylist who has done my hair and makeup for my auditions. If you see a picture of me, in which I have good hair and look remotely photogenic, Beth deserves the credit!!!!

To: Natalie Aglipay-Ryfa - For always "aiding and abeitting" this "DESIGN STAR" LOL!!!

and last but never least .....
To: Kerry Bair - My BFF for life, the sister my parents never gave me, my right hand!!!!!

Love you guys!!!!!!!! Kiss Kiss Hug Hug xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eye on Design...the theme song!

Welcome to EYE on DESIGN

When I was in college, my guidance counselor told me that I was enthusiastic and vastly creative. He further suggested I pursue a career in the arts. At the time, I thought it was the most offensive thing I had ever heard. The running commentary in my head screamed "I am a smart girl....Take me seriously!!!!"

I proceeded to go against the grain and pursue the unfufilling yet serious career. In my spare time, I proceeded to design, decorate and reconfigure my apartments, in ways the landlords would later praise and thank me for. Never once did a career in design, factor into my stream of consciousness.

Flash forward a few years and I was sitting on the kitchen floor, of the latest apartment, recovering the nasty, soiled, should have been replaced decades ago vinyl tile, with wood grain contact paper. I thought I was covering an eyesore! My friends thought I had missed my calling and pleaded with me to reconsider my career options.

This was the first step towards my "AHA" moment. I knew that I could camoflague, I knew that I had a good eye and memory for color, but a career in design????? I was tempted but not sold.

Around this same time, "Trading Spaces" premiered on TLC. I was hooked! I loved seeing how the designers would transform the spaces. Would they take it from drab to fab?? Would it inspire me??? Would it be better for the homeowner....or WORSE!!!!

My appetite for design was now becomming insaitable. It was becomming more serious than my long-standing diet coke addiction! LOL!!! Then...I discovered HGTV!!!! do you describe the perfect fit...the crown jewel, the gem that outshines all of the other pretty stones....I had always "Designed on a Dime", and traded spaces, but now...Design had become divine.......................