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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to EYE on DESIGN

When I was in college, my guidance counselor told me that I was enthusiastic and vastly creative. He further suggested I pursue a career in the arts. At the time, I thought it was the most offensive thing I had ever heard. The running commentary in my head screamed "I am a smart girl....Take me seriously!!!!"

I proceeded to go against the grain and pursue the unfufilling yet serious career. In my spare time, I proceeded to design, decorate and reconfigure my apartments, in ways the landlords would later praise and thank me for. Never once did a career in design, factor into my stream of consciousness.

Flash forward a few years and I was sitting on the kitchen floor, of the latest apartment, recovering the nasty, soiled, should have been replaced decades ago vinyl tile, with wood grain contact paper. I thought I was covering an eyesore! My friends thought I had missed my calling and pleaded with me to reconsider my career options.

This was the first step towards my "AHA" moment. I knew that I could camoflague, I knew that I had a good eye and memory for color, but a career in design????? I was tempted but not sold.

Around this same time, "Trading Spaces" premiered on TLC. I was hooked! I loved seeing how the designers would transform the spaces. Would they take it from drab to fab?? Would it inspire me??? Would it be better for the homeowner....or WORSE!!!!

My appetite for design was now becomming insaitable. It was becomming more serious than my long-standing diet coke addiction! LOL!!! Then...I discovered HGTV!!!! do you describe the perfect fit...the crown jewel, the gem that outshines all of the other pretty stones....I had always "Designed on a Dime", and traded spaces, but now...Design had become divine.......................

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