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Thursday, April 29, 2010

From donation, to creation!

With an "eye for design", I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting, pieces, furniture, fabrics, accessories and various elements to enchance my jobs and spaces. When something stops me in my trademark stiletto's, and, if it is affordable, I tend to go with it. This little habit and job hazard (LOL!) often leaves me with a slew of extra furniture and accessories.

I often donate my unused or unneeded pieces to my local goodwill. As I was heading to a meeting today, I stopped in at the goodwill store. To my great surprise, it was a treasure chest!

Tables, china cabinents, desks, chairs etc - Now, these items all are in need of some TLC and creativity, but to someone with a creative knack, these items can become showstoppers! I currently have my eye on an "Old Hollywood" style china cabinet. With a good sanding and staining, someone's donation, is gonna become my high end looking creation!!!!!!!

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