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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hey HGTV fans,
Did you catch Sunday's DESIGN STAR finale???? I was so happy that Antonio won! The cast had a lot of talented designers, but, they really lacked personality and T.V. charisma. Antonio is a carpenter by trade and has no formal design training. (I have long held that design is a field in which you either have talent, or you don't. There are some truly amazing designers who lack formal training.) In my estimation, Antonio's personality is what cinched it for him. As Candice said....he is the "Tony Soprano" of the design world. And that my friends, is a welcome change!!!!! BRAVO to Candice, Vern & Gen for making the RIGHT decision.

Antonio's win gives me hope! I soo long to work for HGTV!!!!! Maybe this will be the year the "HGTV casting gods" shine good design fortune upon me! I hope....I hope....I hope!

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