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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kat T's!!!

As I was walking down the Sunset Strip in L.A., I was looking around at the lights and sights of L.A., my attention was stunted by a billboard. The billboard wasn't unique or even that interesting, but rather, the appeal rested in the fact it was a billboard on Sunset! What a great way to attract more blog followers, I thought to myself. As I was mentally calculating what that would cost and if there was enough available credit on my Visa, my friend Ryan brought me back to reality!

Realizing that I wasn't going to get to far with Visa, or in my trademark heels, I needed a new strategy. At this point in the day, I looked down at the custom handmade t-shirt I made for myself & decided to produce a line of limited edition, custom t-shirts!

To the current blog followers, I am so grateful for your support, I will happily make you your own, one of a kind Kat T! Send me an email @ (link on the main page) and I will happily send you a custom made Kat T!

Thanks Again for all of the support! Spread the word - Lets increase the "FOLLOWERS"!!!

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