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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fresh from the DESIGN STAR DISH!

Having watched the last few episodes of The Next Food Network Star, I thought it was interesting that Aron Sanchez of the Food Network appeared on this weeks Design Star.
Aron cooked a luschious meal for the final four - Casey, Cort, Michael and Emily. The challenge put to the designers was to repurpose a dining room, based on Aron's cooking. Now, as I designer and stager, I love ingenious re-purposing! Inspire me, provoke me, make me take note! I have said it before and I will say it again, this cast BORES me to tears and fails to inspire me. On Food Network Star, the cast is consistently engaging! I want to tune in and WATCH them! Design Star falls so flat this season, a scaffold couldn't add height! The positive - Emily found a point of view this week and made her presence known in the room, but it was underwhelming. Her host video was painfully akward. As we know, Emily gets mega camera time, thus, she will be one of the last two standing - mark my words! Cort did another venetian plaster wall, next to an existing exposed brick wall. Call me old fashioned, but exposed brick is a highly desired design element! Michael's hosting was needy and too flirtacious, in a BAD way! This episode also returned to the team format(augh!!!!) Casey and Cort v. Michael and Emily- I can't say for sure who had the better room - I failed to relate or connect to either of them. This season and cast of Design Star fails to "Wow" or inspire me. I find myself more drawn to and invested in Food Network Star and Lord knows, I don't cook! LOL!

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