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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Eye" of the Designer vs. Eye of the Photographer

As a designer, I like to walk into a room and see if the space has good "bones". After that initial scan, my brain then starts decorating the room. The wall colors come to mind, as do furnishings and fun accessories. This dialogue has raced through my mind, each and every time I enter a new space. Have done a great deal of staging work and photo shoots as of late, it is so interesting to hear the photographers point of view. Both the designer and the photographer want to put the subject in the best light. The designer sees the subject (the room) from the design and astetic perspective, wheras the photographer looks at the subject in terms of lighting and as to how it will be captured as a finished print. When you can combine such different, yet equally important perspectives and point of view, magic can occur! Staging photos taken by yours truly, Photo of Designer Kat appears courtesy of Curtis Davis Photography

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