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Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Disasterous "Dish"!!!!

On numerous occasions, I have expressed my discontent with the direction of this season's "DESIGN STAR". It truly pains me to say anything less than complimentary about HGTV, because I LOVE the network. However, this season was one DISASTEROUS dish!
If you recall, after the premiere episode, I predicted that Emily would make the final two. (Whoever gets major camera time in the first episode of a Mark Burnett show, goes the distance) Anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty! FINALLY, in the second to last episode, the designers got to do individual challenges. HGTV brought back the Glass House challenge and had the designers base their designs around their style and show concept. It took an entire season, I repeat, an entire SEASON, to see an individual challenge!!! Michael created a custom Murphy bed. I give him props for undertaking such an ambitious project! That was impressive. Casey spray painted old frames and made that a feature wall. BOOOOORRRRRRRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily had the best representation of her own personal style, but, she is so bland to watch!!!!!!!!
Design wise, with so little "wow" or ingenunity, it makes dishing difficult! We are down to the final two of this season - Emily and Michael. My money is on Emily to win it. I hope and pray to the design "gods" and HGTV, that this show is tweaked for next season. This was NOT a good season!

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