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Sunday, August 1, 2010


In every Mark Burnett production, there is a recurring theme. Whoever gets heavy camera time in the first episode, lasts the duration of the season! This little theory of mine was once again proven true tonight! Let's dive in and DISH!
The theme of tonight's group challenge (AGAIN! sigh!) was a Kenmore photo shoot. To successfully stage a photo shoot, you want to intrigue your audience, draw the viewer in, and inspire them to take a closer look. You don't want to confuse your audience, or their all important EYE! This week's red team was made up of Emily and Cort, who chose an Italian themed kitchen. Now, let it be known that by trade, Emily is a photo shoot stager. You would think this would give her an insiders edge. Her layout for this shoot was chaotic and confusing. The props and pieces she used in her staging don't relate, connect or speak to what she was trying to achieve. Vern and Gen both pointed out this fact as well. Thankfully, Vern did so, without retreating to his "heavy" persona, which we already acknowledged, doesn't work for him. Candice was absent from this episode and John Giddings stepped in to fill her stylish shoes. Not possible!!!!! The blue team of Alex, Casey and Mike, had a better room, but again I question some of their design choices. Casey was the "winning" designer for encorporating her crusty french bread, into her designs. The basket she had to choose from was upscale French, not French country. But, out of two designs that failed to "wow" or inspire me, I would have to begrudgingly say, the blue team had the better room. Alex and Emily were put on the elimination block. Alex, by far, had the better hosting video. He even remembered to address the Kenmore appliances, which the shoot was based upon! Emily's video was akward and unwatchable, but based on my Mark Burnett theory, I knew that Alex was going home! The judges proved me right and eliminated Alex.

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