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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trend Report - Style is what we found the SECOND time around!

Ok, all you crafters, thrifters and design enthusiasts. Secondhand stores and estate sales are a great resource for adding some serious style to your home and allowing you to achieve great bang for your buck! Chairs such as the ones pictured can be found for next to nothing at a good 2nd hand store. With a coat of Farrow & Ball's Stone Blue 86 paint, these chairs, get another chance at life! Add a great printed tablecloth, in corresponding colors, sumptious silk (or even faux silk) drapes, a double dose of charm, with twin chandeliers and a weathered dresser, used as a sideboard, complete this look. (Hint Hint: I saw this very same dresser at Marshalls for $120!) Another tip to be on the lookout for is thie floor in the room pictured is not tile! Nope, I kid you NOT! It's paint! (Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light 235) Sometimes design is more seriously stunning the "second time around"

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