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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Design Star Dish - Episode 2

For Season 5 of HGTV's DESIGN STAR, uber-producer Mark Burnett (Survivor & Rock Star) was brought in to shake things up. In this episode, his influence and point of view is definatly felt. Case in point - the clear cut villian! Yes folks, without any further ado, we know this to be Nina! Nina is ARROGANT, SELF CENTERED and truthfully, I was SHOCKED to learn she is a luxe designer! Her design was NOT reflective of the couture gown her room was to be based upon. Now I love murals, wall decals and hand painted art- BUT - her painting look like it belonged in a child's room. Any female with a fashion forward mind would never mistake childlike for couture! Emily said it best -Nina is a "bully" and clearly did not play well with the others. Unlike the villians on Mark Burnett's other programs, there is no redemptive quality to Nina - we don't even love to hate her!
I LOVED that this week's challenge was based on a fashion show! Loved it, loved it , loved it! I have long held that design, music and fashion are all inter related

Alex chose the wedding dress as his fashion inspiration. He tried to interpret a high end WEDDING gown, that was unmistakeably COUTURE and turn it into a headboard. He did not succeed. Courtland was this week's "winning" designer for painting colored stripes on the wall???? I do NOT get that one at all! Basic design 101!
Stacey spent the entire episode painting one chair. Given that this is a competition, I don't think she budgeted her time well, but, the chair she painted was well executed and gorgeous! She should have inserted more of herself and her inspirational outfit, into the room.

Emily - pretty girl, gets a lot of camera time - Loved the fact she called out Nina, but she is otherwise BORING!!!! I was surprised that Tera got the boot! Tera and Nina were both in the final two. Watching their hosting videos, Tera was clearly the better on camera personality
Why the judges kept Nina astounds me! She is NOT even remotely likeable as a good villian! Nor, does she make for good TV - She makes me want to turn the channel! Not a good quality when looking for a TV host!

And speaking of the judges.....the addition of Candice and Genevive as judges gave this series new life last season. This year, the role of the judges has been visably reduced. I love Candice & to not see and hear as much of her expert opinion is disappointing!
At this point, I don't have a clear cut favorite, but we shall stay tuned!

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