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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Mark Burnett:

Dear Mr. Burnett and HGTV,
On Monday's, I normally blog about the previous evening's episode of DESIGN STAR. Today, I am so steamed, I felt compelled to write to you directly.
HGTV's DESIGN STAR was a unique reality show. It differed from the saturated reality show market in that it was talent based, and, it did not involve backstabbing. There were no good guys or bad guys, just eager, talented designers.
Creativity and ingenunity were tested. Personal attacks were unnecessary and not present - this was awesome and REFRESHING!!!!

As viewers, we enjoyed watching Clive Pearse as host! The comments posted on HGTV's facebook wall are in support of Clive, and, of the show having a host. I am surprsied that Design Star went to a host less format, especially given that Mr. Burnett has employed hosts on "Survivor" and on "Rock Star".

The challenges this season have been tweaked, which is a good thing! I loved the music and fashion challenges. I thougth the concept was spectacular! However, the designers truly LACK creativity, vision and true passion! They also lack an "it factor" that would engage the viewers to tune into their own show!!!!!

There is an emphasis being placed this season of group challenges. First show, ok, second show, we didn't complain....third show???? We rolled our eyes! To have continuous group challenges, prevents us from seeing the individual strengths of the designers. The base of HGTV's core audience is DESIGNERS, STAGERS, CRAFTERS, DIY & Home Enthusiasts!!!! The show is missing the mark and failing to engage the viewer. It also does not stimulate any new interest in the design field!!!!

Candice Olsen is a truly gifted designer, with a huge following. HGTV viewers, myself included, love her and love her work!!!! You have a great resource in Candice - UTILIZE HER!!!!! Gen is likeable, creative and fun. She was also a great addition to the show. Vern's a good designer, but PULEEZ have him drop the "heavy" persona!!! This is a guy who is known for being nice. He hosts a show called "Deserving Design" - not exactly a good candidate for a bad ass!

As for the cast - The viewers across the board, DESPISE Nina. We don't love to hate her!!! We simply do not care for her. She isn't the typical reality show villian, who has the potential to be "redeemed" This season, there is no true standout for design or personality!!! The casting process needs to be revamped!!!!!

In closing, I appeal to both Mr. Burnett and to HGTV to fix this show we love, and to make Season Six, the best season yet!

Designer Kat, an aspiring HGTV DESIGN STAR!!!!

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