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Monday, June 21, 2010

HGTV, we need to talk!

Dear HGTV,
Let me start this by saying, you know how I feel about you! My "love" is true, enduring and ever lasting. You also know how utterly and completely I long to work for you. I don't need any fancy bells, whistels, or extravagant budgets, just my own simple show- a hipper, more relevant, modernized "Decorating Cents meets Design on a Dime". With all that being said, and, out in the open, I feel that as a future part of your family, there is something we really need to discuss.
Don't freak out - we aren't "breaking up" - I just want to communicate openly with you, to fix the snafu's in our "relationship". Ok, here we go!

DESIGN STAR! I understand the need to shake things up, I understand the need to infuse new blood. I get it, I really do! I am an Aries - I THRIVE on change! LOL!!! Adding Candice and Gen, as judges last season, was GENIOUS! Hearing the critiques of designers I respect has been influential and informative. It has caused me to grow and learn as a designer!
Design star is about GREAT DESIGN and on-camera personality. The problem with the show wasn't the format, wasn't the host (we liked Clive!!!!) or even the repitition of the challenges - but rather the CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep casting the same people every season! That is the mold that needs to be BROKEN!!!!!!! This year's cast is the most boring cast ever! Not to mention the fact that Nina is so arrogantly unwatchable!
Go back and look at the first season - David was watchable because of his design skills! The fact that he was engaging and came across likeable, added to the overall appeal. Alice was a talented designer too - but she wasn't a mean spirited runner up! The entire cast had camraderie! That is something we would expect as loyal HGTV viewers.
Now, let's talk about the influence of Mark Burnett. Yes, he is a vastly successful reality show producer - that is indisputable and undeniable! I never got into "Survivor" but I did watch "Rock Star". On a show like "Rock Star" we expect ego's and swagger! Can you imagine a frontman or frontwoman without an "it factor"???? That would make for a boring show and even less entertaining TV. On "Rock Star", J.D. was cast as the "villian" - he was cocky and had a swagger - but he was a ROCK STAR!!! We could forgive it - we also could see the redeeming qualities! Additionally, he proceeded to win the first season of that show. Case in point - it worked!
DESIGN STAR is not cut from the same cloth! You have to know your audience! These two audiences are not one in the same.
I humbly appeal to you as a fan, friend and future family member to consider the following:
2. Let us hear MORE from Candice and Gen!!!! And making Vern the heavy??? Puleez!!! Anyone who has followed Vern's career knows this isn"t true to who he is. (Trading Spaces, Deserving Design) Cmon now!;
3. BREAK THE CASTING MOLD!!!! Stop re-casting the SAME, SAFE, BORING personalities, year after year!!! Take a chance, spread your wings, shake up the show through the CAST and CHALLENGES!

Yes, I am will make myself available to help you embrace your new journey! LOL!!!
In fact, I would readily volunteer my design "eye" for Season 6 :)
Much love,

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