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Sunday, July 18, 2010

DESIGN STAR DISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's episode of Design Star enacted a challenge that was to credit and praise the New York Fire Department. The existing teams were redistribted into red and blue teams. To be honest, color was irrelevant, since both teams had such bad designs!!!! Neither designed a comfortable, relaxing "Thank you" space!!!! Vern was back to his heavy persona, which as we have already discussed, does NOT suit him. Candice, the reason why I watch this show, was once again under utilized and barely heard from. I swear, the nail art on my toe is far more interesting and inspiring. (I also understand scope and scale of a room, a key design concept, which is LOST on this cast!!!!!) But, the painful designs of this bad, bad season, did have a silver lining!!!!! THEY SENT NINA HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( insert cheers and LOTS of them HERE)
HGTV, I love you dearly, I LONG to work for you, but please, take into account your viewers and fans!!! This season has really been almost unwatchable. Please tweak the casting process for next season! This cast fell far short!!!!!!!!!!

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