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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A simple stage and a fun photo shoot!

Staging is one of my favorite aspects of design! I love taking an ordinary object and transforming it into something fabulous or unexpected! I also really enjoy the process of tricking the eye! Today, my business partner and I had a photo shoot to promote our various businesses. Instead of the stiff, proper pc shoot, we let creativity and imagination rule! I fully believe you can be a smart, focused business woman, yet indulge in the ridiculous and have a sense of humor about it! As our pictures will show, when you throw caution to the wind, unexpected magic can occur! I can't wait to get the pictures and post them! BIG PROPS and THANKS to Curtis Davis for photography and to Christina Mc Million of Numero Treize, for wardrobe and use of everyone's favorite supermodelquin, SOLANGE! Staging of this shoot was done by yours truly!

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