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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serving up a "Design Star" Dish!

Ok, where do I begin....hmmmm. Let's just jump right on in! Today's episode - AWFUL! My love for HGTV runs DEEP, but, there just is noo sugarcoating that one!!!
Once again, the designers were put into a "group challenge". As I have said previously (numerous times) this takes away from sizing up the strengths and talents of the individual designers. They also keep decorating studio apartments! REPETITIVE!!! And the inspired by flowers challenge????? Mmmmm, not feeling that!
Once again, Nina painted her wall a fuschia shade and made swiggles on the wall. The Girls plus Dan team, put together a room that was too busy, unprofessional and not harmonious. The guys team had a better design concept, plan and execution, but truthfully, it did not grab me. So, to size it all up - uninspiring design and a truly BORING cast! Dan, Alex, Cort and Nina all wound up in the bottom 4. HGTV, do your fans, the VIEWERS, a favor and just send Nina HOME ALREADY!!! The viewers have spoken loud and clear, via facebook. They HATE her and NOT in a "love to hate" kinda way! In the end, Dan was sent home. Truthfully, the entire cast should be let go and the season should get a "do-over" Again, I am available! LOL

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