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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now Serving....DESIGN STAR DISH!!!!

Let's get started with the good.....NO NINA !!!!!!! The good brought upon by Nina being gone, quickly left this week's episode. The designers were given the task of designing luxury rental units for TRUMP. Now, when one thinks of Trump, images of money, real estate, wealth (and bad hair!!) come to my mind. Nowhere in this mental image, does cheap and tacky enter into the stream of consciousness. This challenge was once again a group challenge (insert groans here) and again, this cast of "designers" failed to deliver. In a luxury apartment, Tom created a bathroom that looked like a blueberry muffin! He said he thought it was "spa like". How does a blueberry muffin transport you to a spa???? The faucet and bath cabinet, would have brought on indigestion before the muffin was even devoured! Stacey designed a bed with no mattress, which failed miserably and her and Cortland's drop cloth curtains were disaterous!!!! The designers truly lack understanding of size, scope and scale of a room. The finished product is unpolished, and ill fitting. The team of Alex, Emily, Casey and Tom was less awful, but that isn't saying much.
Vern got angry at the designers and told them they wern't living up to their potential. Wait....they have potential???? Really??? As viewers, we have yet to see this. Each week I watch, I truly wonder HOW this season's participants got cast!!!! The lack of design understanding, the lack of creativity and the further lack of personality is almost too much to bear! Don't even get me started on how little this cast even understands about branding! (Kind of important when TRUMP is the client!!!!) In the end, it was a double elimination. Tom and Stacey both deserved and were given the boot! To sum it all up...PAINFULLY BAD DESIGN!!!!!

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