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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kat and Christina's Inadvertant Adventure!

Eye for Design and Numero Treize Vintage have joined forces to produce the first, of what we hope to be many, networking events for fun, fabulous female business owners like ourselves. To properly prepare for our upcomming STOP, SHOP & SWAP launch party, Christina and I headed out on a research and fact finding mission.
We set out to do our due dilligence - checking out vendors, products, details and locations - we were armed with a plan, Christina's keen sense of direction and attention to exquisite vintage detail, and, my 'Eye for Design", signature style, no sense of direction, but witty, wise comic relief! As we went about our day, the sun was shining, the directions were in hand, and we were amped up with optimism, diet coke and my requisite snack chips. Shortly after we set out, a terrential downpour occurred and all the bad truck drivers of the world, were traveling alongside us. We were NOT detered! Christina kept her cool behind the wheel, and I kept my "Eye" on the printed directions. The downpour stopped, the trucks moved on and we were almost at our destination...or so we thought!!!! Little did we know, the directions we received were so bad, a directional Mac Gyver, a navigational expert, the best GPS system in the world or even a map writer couldn't even folow them!!!! Roads were unmarked, roads broke off, then picked up where you would least imagine, people along the way told us one thing, traffic dictated another! After much driving, back roads, alternate routes and TIME, we did eventually reach all of our intended destinations!! (We promptly looked to the sky and gave praise - I even did a little happy dance -LOL!!!) After all that, we did manage to find some products we liked for our event, but,the journey (12 hour TREK) was so far, so backwards and such an unpredictable adventure, we never would have believed it, had we not experienced it. The drive home should have been an hour! We stopped for pizza and some tasty breadsticks, and confirmed with the restaurant staff, the best approach to getting home. The printed directions failed us once - we were NOT about to subject ourselves to that again!!! We were ready!! (again, or so we thought!!!) The server told us a quicker way to get back to the expressway and head home. He seemed knowledgeable (his recommendation about the cheesy garlic breadsticks was spot on) and we were eager to stick to main highways, after all the small town backroads leading us nowhere!!! We followed his directions to a "t". The letter "T" also let down the alphabet gang & proceeded to fail us!!! We wound up even further out of the way than we already were!!!! After our earlier tour of the area, we did manage to find a road we recognized to get back in route to the highway. We were so happy when we saw signs for Chicago, jubliation broke out in Christina's car! Thankfully, Christina and I are both easily amused and proceeded to crack 2.5 hours worth of jokes to make this vastly long day, and 12 hour TREK a funny experience. Remove Bill and Ted, and replace with Kat & Christina (except we are far smarter, have better style and are only addicted to Diet Coke)
As an added bonus, we saved big money at Menards, when we stopped to ask for directions! We also are well versed on where to find all the best Sod sales. If you are doing any landscaping, let me know!!! LOL!!!! To Christina: AFM rolls on!!!!!! OMG!!!!! It still makes me laugh!!!!!

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